Hi there, I’m Andy Valentine

Andy Valentine of AV Replicas

I’m the AV behind AV Replicas, and for the last six or seven years of my life I’ve spent more hours than I care to even imagine teaching myself to make super detailed and highly accurate props from a host of sources, but mainly I like making video game weapons.

As a life-long gamer, I’ve always been taken in by the artistry – and I guess raw “coolness” – of video game weapons; and whether they were sci-fi pulse rifles, post-apocalyptic laser blasters, or flame-tipped swords, I’ve always enjoyed inspecting the intricacies of the designs of these weapons. Since stepping into the cosplay scene in 2012 I have embarked on a mission to create my own versions of a multitude props for myself and in doing so learned a wider range of crafting methods than I’d ever anticipated.

Over the years I’ve made countless props from a variety of games, tv shows, and films, but most recently have migrated from making simple cosplay accessories to focusing on making professional studio quality replicas not only for myself, but for a host of clients, and now I’ve got to the point in my journey where I’m happy enough with the quality of what I produce to start making my props available to the world; so here we are.

Initially, there will only be a couple of props available on this site – and in limited numbers – but over time I will be expanding the range of what I produce as I complete 3D models, test runs, and quality inspections, as well as uploading the various resources that I create teaching about the art of prop making. There will be 3D digital downloads so you can print and finish your own versions of my models, resin cast kits to build and paint, and fully finished props for those of you who prefer not to do the building yourselves.
I’ll also have the occasional special edition and one-off versions of some props, including collaborations with other talented prop makers from around the world that I’ve befriended over the years.

So, head over to the shop now to check out what I currently have available, or, if you’re interested in either commissioning a prop, suggesting a future build or inviting me to come and teach a workshop at a convention, feel free to drop me a message on the contact page or email me at hello@avreplicas.com.